Friday, January 11, 2013

Kelly Moore Camera Bags

I am In Love with Kelly Moore's DSLR Camera Bags.
Definitely a MUST buy! 
I've searched online through several handmade bags on, out of country shop sites, popular buys, and so forth....
but these came out to be My Favorite two of Kelly Moore's Bag Collection.

Walnut "B-Hobo" 

The perfect mid size shoulder bag for your DSLR cam, prime lens, 70-200mm (optional), or external flashes. Just the thought of this makes it easier for me to travel anywhere without overly looking like a pro with a black messenger bag.

(interior of the B-Hobo)


Purple "Mimi" Bag

This will be my work bag. More space, still have the mid size look, flat on the bottom, and holds apple ipads just right on the back pocket. If anything, it can hold a couple pampers, baby wipes, and personal accessories such as my wallet, pocket size perfume, and lip gloss. Perfect huh?
My All Around Mommy & Pro Bag

(interior of Mimi)

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