Saturday, January 12, 2013

My First handheld Nikon SLR Camera

As I spent my day "facetiming" my mom so she can conversate with my little guys via video chat.. I asked her, out of the blue "Was I into photography when I was younger?" This question came to mind, because of an online interview of how I got into photography.

My Mom then told me... "Long before I was in high school, I already had the passion for taking photos of random things and people".

I started off saving my lunch money for disposable film cameras that tourist would buy. The $5 - $15 dollar ones. Back then it was expensive, especially on a small island and receiving only $2.00 for school each day if I was good and did my chores. Lol. Then I would have to save up more to develop the film, which would cost about $18.00 for a 24 roll of film.

To my mom, it never stopped me from saving and spending on capturing memories. I was always happy to photograph my family and friends. She said, "all I saw was beauty at everything".

During my sophomore year in 2002, My mom's best friend arrived from the US to the Island of Saipan. He saw how passionate I was about taking pictures so he made me use his Nikon N90s 35mm Film SLR Camera that he had purchased from a pawn shop.  It was made sometime in the years 1992-2001. It was an older version that was pretty pricey at the time. I was so happy that my uncle trusted me with something so valuable, expensive, and beautiful! I was in love with an SLR camera made by Nikon.

Years has gone by, Senior year came. Digital cameras were made. How we were all amazed at being able to see the photos we took in an instant behind the cam. Yet, uploading photos was fun and easy to do.. But Photos were lost forever. No prints, no negatives, nothing to show for. Like it never happened. Lost memories is what I call it.

After my years in high school. I've gone through so many laptops, computers, hard drives, etc. Broken point and shoot cameras, and so forth. My passion for photography started to die. I couldn't look back at lost photos. Yes, it hurts. It is like not being able to turn back time to re-live the moment.

All throughout the years, I've captured more than a memory. Everything I captured told a story of my life growing up, the people I was with, and where I have been. Time stood still on a photo. If I was to be able to switch to film cams once again, I would. But with the changes of technology every second of every day... How can I get better at what I love, if Im not up to date with the updates and upgrades.. Right?

Now I am a proud owner of the Nikon D7000 and a 35mm 1.8 lens. I would love to have a second DSLR cam like the D800 for my other prime lens, but right now... Im happy :)

What made me continue with photography, made it a hobby and a business????
One person. The man I married. Stephen Gentry. In December of 2009, he bought me a Nikon D5000 for my early christmas gift. Why? He remembered me talking about how much I love taking photos and how I would love to own my first DSLR cam. Little did I realize until today... Nikon have always been my best fit for my hands, my eyes, and everything about it. Soo.. Thanks to my loving husband.. I am back to doing what I love. He made sure I did not give up, and every day he supports me and watches me love my camera and lens just as much as I love him and our kids.

Ps. My husband calls me the "Classic Shooter".
I'll never let go of a 35mm and it never gets old, it's Classic!

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