Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Playing with My New Fuji X100s

I finally decided to take a trip downtown and visit "The Capital". A popular place for tourist to visit, people to get married in and be photographed at, and especially meet the people in Office. As in lawyers, senate, etc, etc. Lol. A nice big building in the middle of downtown, near main and idaho street.

So, I know so many photographers constantly take pics of this place, but I wanted to photograph some textures of the building, the lights, the yellow ribbon decor "Support Our Troops", and so on.

Enjoy the photos. They are in Jpeg files, No edits, and No crops have been done to this photo.

These were all captured with the New Fuji X Series "X100s". A beautifully made, retro design, mirror-less camera 28mm lens (35mm equivalent), compact camera. Made just for Photographers! I mean it when I said that. If you do not know what is ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Dynamic Range, or any of those words, nor know how to use a DSLR in Manual Mode... I suggest using a point and shoot with AUTO settings or for a DSLR look and great for beginners a Nikon 3200 or 5200 is a great investment that comes with lens(es).

This camera is perfect for street photography, portraits, and landscapes. If you are into sports photography or anything with fast movement, I definitely suggest not getting this. I've tried it out at different settings and it was such a blur!

Other than that... If you are looking into buying this camera or have already made a purchase on it.
Things you should get to protect this small, valuable, really pricey gadget are:
  • LCD Screen Protector : 3 inch (any brand will do, got mine at Idaho Camera)
  • 49mm UV Filter 
  • 49mm Hood Cap (black or silver - your option)
  • Fuji X100 compatible Adapter and Hood
  • EXTRA Batteries NP-95 for Fuji X100/100s
  • (optional) Camera Case for a better grip 
  • (optional) Shutter Release Button 
I was able to purchase the rest of these things at You do not need to buy the original Fujifilm brand if you are on a budget like myself. I was able to compare, read all reviews, and so far.. other brands have been doing good making accessories needed for Fuji. 

I highly recommend extra batteries, because this small camera can use up it's battery life fast with viewing photos. So enjoy My DAY 1 of playing with the new release of the Fuji X Series.

Please leave comments, questions, or concerns below. 

Entering the building can get pretty dark with lots of yellow and orange. I left the White Balance in AUTO.

I set this photo above on Manual focus mode, you can see the sign is a little bit blurred from testing out the focusing that they just made into the camera. I was not able to see a light white line like they previewed before releasing the camera, but I will need to play with it more. Again, this is Day 1 of testing the new cam.

Yes! A reminder I need a Car Wash. Point to this photo.. I was able to capture a sharp and clear image of the building from the inside of my car while making a stop for the light. And I know I had geese poop and dust all over the windshield. PROS for Fast Focus!

Trying out low light in Starbucks.
Tip: Clean lens good, fingers away from lens/filter, and keep a good distance from object..
OR ELSE you'll get this screen alert! "Turn off the camera and turn on again!"

My battery died just as I was taking this last shot of the sunset, a few blocks from my house. if I was able to adjust the settings in time, it could of looked a bit better. But so far, I love the colors and a touch of star burst with the street light.

In conclusion... I have realized that being at 1/60 shutter speed is perfect for outdoors. you do not need to go below that. But test it out, everyone has a different taste or technique when it comes to photographing people, places or things.

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