Thursday, February 20, 2014


As you all may know, I am an Army Wife. Which of course means I move from duty station to duty station and sometimes WE just do not know where to next!?? It drives me crazy, but at the same time helps me build clients all over the US.

Anyways after getting lost several times in certain places I've lived in, and not knowing much about locations within each city.. It gets hard for me to tell clients where I can have them photographed at. I enjoy outdoor portraits and events, especially with all of these beautiful aspiring and experienced models, but with all the moving and being new to the area, it gets kinda overwhelming for me.

So... I've decided and spoke to my better half (my husband of course :P ) that maybe it is time to open up my own indoor home studio. With two toddlers around and too young for school right now, I've decided it would be best to be at home and still running my business since it costs way too much for sitters and not knowing who to trust at the new places we live. What do you think?

As for Business name.. We will have it official once we are at our new location in April.. We will name it.... "TenGen Studio" for Tenorio Gentry (Me and my kids Maiden & Last Names) and it goes well with our license plate 10GEN :) and of course how can I forget.. our family is already calling my family that! The TenGen Family :)

Here is a look to our new logo.

I am still keeping my hibiscus look since it is my signature piece to my photography all of these years since I first started my businesses.

But it is not only the name I am looking forward to building up.. It is the NEW LOOK that I've been wanting to capture & do for so long after being inspired by OUR first photos.

When my husband Stephen & I first started our relationship, when I first visited Hawaii, and the very FIRST experience I had with him as he deploys to Afghanistan we took our first Couple photo session. They were taken in Honolulu, Hawaii by Cover Look. I will photograph half body and head shots only. As for toddlers and infants, they will be full & half body. The concept of all or almost all images will be Island Style. With pacific island, hawaiian props such as Leis that are Plumeria, Tea Leaf, Sea Shells, and Kukui Nut Leis. Head and Ear accessories will all be flowers that are known in Hawaii, and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) where I am from, born and raised : an Island called Saipan. Tropical flowers that are Plumerias, Hibiscus, and Orchids. Photo props will also consist of Hawaiian Sarongs (wrap arounds for women), Artificial or should I say Preserved Palm and Dracaena Leaves, Heliconia & Ginger Flower Plants, Tiki and Ipu Heke Drums, Fish Nets, etc. You get the idea right?

Well, it is taking me time and money to bring this Studio together.. And that will mean, a lot of photo equipment and props to get this going. All of the support & love will be needed to get me motivated into this. Sooo PLEASE.. send me comments, critics, advices, love, and so forth to motivate me.

If you like the idea of this...

We can also do simple like this..

Doesn't these photos inspire you to have photos taken like these?

Because, THIS did it for me! Every time I walk into my home and see these photos, they touch my heart and make me smile, EVERY TIME! They were my memories of me and stephen captured in time.. Our FIRST for a lot of meaningful things. And I would like to capture yours with an Island Style look! 

Once again.. I was and still am INSPIRED by Cover Look.

However, Laurie Anne's Creations will still be running for products I make and sell. All photographs will be through TenGen Studio. COMING SOON.

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