Friday, May 2, 2014

Fort Polk, Louisiana Bound

Good Evening!!!

It was such a beautiful day today in Fort Polk, LA. At first, I thought it was such a bad place to be at, but honestly after being here for a few days.. It is AMAZING!

I've met some amazing and very friendly folks around here. My neighborhood is filled with happy kids running around our front yard and streets. Vehicles have been slowing down while passing, and we are in an area with other Army Officer's and their beautiful wives.

Being here reminds me of home. Where our kids can cross the street to visit their new friends and play in their homes with friendly adults willing to have them in. I am truly enjoying myself here.

As of today, I had to update our location especially for my photography and jewelry business.

We are now known as TenGen Studio. Currently located in Fort Polk, Louisiana.

I will still be photographing Indoor and Outdoor Portraits, Glamour, Engagements, Weddings and Island Style Portraits.

Summer is here, Birds are flying up in the air, Sun is shining bright on us, the flowers have bloomed, and the trees are swaying to the beautiful sounds of the wind blowing. I know people are getting ready to be married and to share their Love to the world :)

Here is our website address

Please, if ya'll have time on your hands.. please, please, please, visit my yellow pages and send in your reviews. I can truly use the help in getting clients in my area. I truly appreciate it! - Laurie Anne's Creations aka TenGen Studio

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